Full Service

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Full Service

 My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Live of the Stars

Now the subject of the hit documentary Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood, praised by Vanity Fair as “full of revelations” and Entertainment Weekly as “deliciously salacious,” Full Service is the remarkable true story of Scotty Bowers, the “gentleman hustler,” during the heyday of classic Hollywood.

Full Service is not only a fascinating chronicle of Hollywood’s sexual underground, but also exposes the hypocrisy of the major studios, who used actors to propagate a myth of a conformist, sexually innocent America knowing full well that their stars’ personal lives differed dramatically from this family-friendly mold. As revelation-filled as Hollywood Babylon, Full Service provides a lost chapter in the history of the sexual revolution and is a testament to a man who provided sex, support, and affection to countless people.

What People Are Saying

“I have known Scotty Bowers for the better part of a century. I’m so pleased that he has finally decided to tell his story to the world. This startling memoir includes great figures like Spencer Tracey and Katherine Hepburn. Scotty doesn’t lie—the stars sometimes do—and he knows everybody.”–Gore Vidal

“Shocking… sparing no details…. Bowers has no regrets—having led a life of pleasure, satisfaction and joy that the rest of us can only envy.”–The New York Post

Full Service claims ‘old Hollywood’ was seriously kinky.”–L.A. Weekly

“Juicy… a titillating tell-all… a gadabout go-between in the closeted and scandal-wary world of moviedom… never less than entertaining… the book paints a picture of a different kind of Hollywood where the press only went so far in reporting scandals.”–The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Scotty Bowers was Hollywood’s Mr. Fixit—at least when it came to the bedroom.”–Entertainment Weekly

Full Service is the full enchilada.”–Los Angeles Times

“Bowers recalls his highly unorthodox life in a ribald memoir… (a) lurid, no-detail-too-excruciating account of a sexual Zelig… Full Service, at the very least, highlights how sharply the rules of engagement for reporting celebrity gossip have changed.”–The New York Times

“A tell-all book… Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, George Cukor, Katherine Hepburn and Vivien Leigh are among those named by Bowers… Younger readers—at least those raised in the Internet and TMZ age—may find nearly as shocking as the fact that the stories were squelched by studio publicists and remained largely under wraps back in the day.”–Chicago Tribune

“Delicious with every salacious detail… The photographs alone are worth the price of admission.”–The Huffington Post

“A jaw-dropping firsthand account of closeted life in Hollywood in the 40s and 50s.”–Griffin Dunne, Actor/Director

Full Service is a scandal-fest, oozing salacious gossip.”–Sunday Telegraph (UK)

“A titillating memoir of forties and fifties Hollywood.”–Daily Mail (UK)